The Titanic


The Titanic was a great ship. However, it sank by hitting an iceberg. The Titanic was built in 1911. On April 10, 1912 was when the last passengers boarded. But they never got off. On the night of April 14, 1912 it sank. This tragedy didn't have to be so bad.

The first way that this tragedy could have been prevented is if the ship had more lifeboats. More people could have survived. Also if they did not leave without a full lifeboat more people could have gotten on them and lived. That is the first way it did not have to be so bad.

The second reason why the tragedy did not have to be so bad is if they did not separate the classes. Some people from different classes like third class and second class could survived and not all die. They would have been allowed up on the deck and may have had a chance to live. That is another reason why the Titanic tragedy did not have to be so bad.

The last reason why it did not have to be so bad is if the Californian ship had its radio on. If they had their radio on they would have heard the call that might have been able to save more lives. The California ship was only about 5 miles or no less than 19 miles. So now there's a law that all ships have to have their radio on at all times. That is the last reason why the tragedy of the sinking of the Titanic did not have to be bad.